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Anna Grace Likes

Anna Grace Likes, First Year Newspaper Staffer

What does journalism mean to you? 

To me, journalism is a form of expressing myself and communicating with the world. I have always loved writing and I’m that weird person always editing others’ papers in English class, so newspaper journalism seemed almost natural for me. 

What are your interests? 

I love listening to music (I've been a big Taylor Swift fan since forever), writing, reading, and playing volleyball for school. I also enjoy cooking and baking from time to time as well but I wouldn’t say I’m amazing at it.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “it’s all part of the experience” which is by Clark in the movie Christmas Vacation. I think it’s funny because I’ve been watching the movie since I had to cover my ears when watching it and my dad says that quote all the time. It’s also true in most situations!

What did you want to be when you were 5? 

When I was 5, I told my parents I wanted to be a party planner. I also wanted to be a spy and played “spies” with my friends all the time. So I guess a party-planner spy.

What are three little things that brighten your day? 

  1. I love going to the park and watching the sunset with my friends while listening to our favorite music. It’s super cool how it’s different every night and always so pretty.
  2. It sounds stupid but I love just getting iced coffee (specifically an iced vanilla latte) in the morning. It starts my day off right and brings a little happiness to my morning.
  3. I love rain showers during the day and when I’m falling asleep at night.
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Anna Grace Likes