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COVID vaccine trails

COVID vaccine trails are spending up, is the vaccine close?
How are the COVID vaccine trails going.
December 18, 2020

COVID vaccines are officially out.  But what was the process behind making them? How do we know they are safe? Thousands of Americans have volunteered to be test subjects for the covid vaccines. They...

Braces and the American Teen

Is the ideal smile worth it?
Bracing for the Perfect [American] Smile
December 17, 2020

Any rancher worth their salt will tell you that a great deal about any animal’s health can be deduced by the state of their teeth. Decaying gums and loose molars probably indicate problems elsewhere...

What is COVID like aorund the world?

While COVID- 19 affects the whole world differently, it is important to remember there is no limit to the virus.
How have people experienced COVID-19 around the world?
December 7, 2020

COIIn the United States of America, many citizens are able to cope with the past shutdowns or current restrictions only because of granted resources like electricity, financial security, private transportation,...

Hero of The Christian Faith or Stain Upon the Legacy?

“I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all, but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” —Martin Luther
The idolization of Martin Luther
November 19, 2020
However, the book of Romans—later attributed to the man’s inspiration— is abundantly clear that only through sola fide, sola gratia, sola scriptura, and solo Christo are we truly saved.

“I’m so OCD”

OCD is not just an a thing to say, it is a reality for many.
The damaging implications of misusing psychiatric terminology
November 18, 2020
“I’m so OCD about cleaning my room.” “You just gave me a panic attack.” “That triggered my anxiety.”

Thanksgiving Is More Than Just Food

Thanksgiving is about family, being thankful, and giving to others- not just about the food.
Thanksgiving is more than the classic foods, so let’s look beyond that this year.
November 18, 2020

As the holiday season begins, Thanksgiving arises. The popular mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots, turkey, and more are all associated with Thanksgiving when November rolls around. Many people first think...

Why We Learn The Way We Do

science has changed for highschoolers.
Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Vs. Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
November 16, 2020
In 2011, the United States was well below the standards espoused by international performance in science, engineering, technology, and mathematical, with Missouri, in particular, was below average on a national level in the Science and Engineering Readiness Index (SERI), despite recently assumed aggressive measures to implement Physics First programs in universities and high schools.

The Sanctity of Human Life

Shantha Pieris, a Sinhalese, was a trailblazer for treating both the dead and the living with respect.
What would you do if you found a human skull just out of the blue?
November 15, 2020

*Disclaimer the names used in this story have been changed. All human beings harbour inherent value, regardless of who they were or what they did. Early in his faith, my father Shantha Pieris—a native...

What Really is a Christian Education?

how is christain education different.
Every student knows that they go to a “Christian” school, but don’t really know what that means.
November 9, 2020
Florence Nightingale invented pie charts to show her findings of death in military hospitals.

Your Every Move Is Being Watched

This is what it feels like for those who suffer from social anxiety. Every move you make, every step you take, they are watching, waiting for you to mess up.
The everyday struggles of Social Anxiety
November 4, 2020

Your teacher forgot to give you a sheet when they were passing them out. It will only take a second to point out their mistake and ask for one. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. It’s a huge deal- at...

Winter Blues: What, Why, and How to Cope

How the winter is effecting us.
Tips to prevent a mental health decline as temperatures drop.
October 13, 2020

As the winter season approaches, so follows the dreams of a white Christmas, gingerbread men, and twinkling lights. Yet along with the nation’s expectations of holiday cheer come dwindling temperatures...

The Rise in Anxiety Amongst Youth

An artistic representation of anxiety medication and the confusion surronding anxiety
What is Anxiety and Why is it Targeting Children, Young Adults, and Teens?
May 28, 2020

An ominous, wrathful creature invades the minds of youth with more tenacity than it ever has before, enveloping them with dark thoughts and setting deep roots into their brains, entrapping the...

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