The Art of Buying and Reselling Rare Shoes

Many people have very rare and expensive shoes, but where do they get them?


Emma Harris

Why are rare shoes rare?

Shoes: to many, just two things on your feet but, to some people, they are a whole business. The shoe industry is always booming because of a high demand for rare shoes. Many musical artists want to buy these shoes, so that they can wear them in their music videos, or out in public.  Shoes are a huge statement in the music world, because many of the shoe brands know people who are an artist that buys their shoes.

Rare shoes are not just bought by music artists, however. Normal people can sometimes buy these rare shoes on websites. Some people know people who can get them these rare shoes.

 They buy them for a low price and resell them for a higher price to make money. They usually only do this with rare or hard to find shoes. Rare shoe brands include Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, and Louis Vutton. Prices for these shoes can climb to over 1,000 dollars. 

 But how do the sellers get these shoes? Some wait in line on the release date of the shoes and some get them from executives that work at whatever shoe brand they work at. The executive may sell them to the buyer for a good price if they want quick money. This is how the seller makes a profit. Most, however, buy them off of websites like eBay, StockX, or Flight Club. These websites are huge in the shoe industry. Websites like Flight Club have non-negotiable prices. Ebay and StockX have prices that can be talked down from the asking price. They bid on the shoe until the buyer and seller agree on the price. If they don’t agree on the price, the seller does not sell the shoe and waits for a more profitable offer.

Overall, shoe sales are a pretty successful business. Everyone wants shoes that are comfortable or look the part, so buying and reselling rare shoes is a pretty easy way to make money quickly. It does take skill, though. You must know how to give someone a fair deal, while still making a steady profit. If you are buying the shoe, it’s important to know the retail price of the shoe. If it’s an unfair price, don’t bother trying to buy it. This is why you should use caution when selling and buying shoes.