The Wildcat Roar

In our polarized world, it is easy to stray away from controversial issues for fear of conflict or disagreement. But here at The 800 News, we embrace difficult topics and invite open discussion over the stories we cover. We seek to portray issues fairly and accurately and are always open to conversation about our articles because we believe that journalism is the pursuit of the truth, and discourse is imperative to finding that truth. In addition, as a program at a Christian school we strive to honor God with our work by pursuing what is not only true, but also virtuous and reflective of our faith. We desire to actively glorify God through our writing, but we also want to represent the Westminster community well by producing a quality product that reflects the standard of excellence we uphold at Westminster. We believe fair journalism is important in today’s society and thank you for supporting student journalism at Westminster.

In Pursuit of the truth
Managing Editor In Chief Maggie Lindstrom

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