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The Wildcat Roar

The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

The Wildcat Roar

The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

The Wildcat Roar

A swarm of cicadas

The Cicadas Are Coming

Carissa Mitchell, Staff Writer May 6, 2024

By mid to late April and throughout May, trillions of buzzing cicadas will emerge from the ground. That’s right, trillions of cicadas. Both Brood XIII which come out every 17 years and Brood XIX which...

State of Iowa with a ballot box in front of it.

Selecting a Presidential Candidate for Dummies

Sadie Schmidt, Staff Writer January 18, 2024

Caucuses, primaries, bound and unbound delegates—these words often get thrown around during the time where America starts to pick their presidential candidates. Unfortunately, the reality is during the...

Image of AI network surrounding natural disasters such as, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires.

Natural disasters: Solved by AI?

Sadie Schmidt, Staff Writer January 18, 2024

Seated on the Sea of the Japan coast and the main island of Honshu, Ishikawa prefecture is a quiet unassuming city, largely known for its arts and craft industry. However, at 4:10pm on New Year’s Day...

Mr. Knerr, a History Teacher at Westminster, Walks Away From Sub Plans

“Sub”-Traction: Westminster’s Struggle To Find Substitute Teachers

Bella Thies, Content Editor December 14, 2023

At the academy, just like any other school, it’s inevitable that there will be some days when teachers get sick or have urgent matters to attend to. On days like these, substitute teachers typically...

A panda eating bamboo sits in between an image of the American flag and the Chinese flag.

Panda Diplomacy Ends

Sadie Schmidt, Staff Writer December 8, 2023

It has been nearly 50 years since pandas first stepped foot on U.S soil. Now, that time has come to an end. Across the country, millions are devastated by this news and are seeking answers as to why suddenly...

Students unload and organize ITSOG donations in the Grand Entry.

In the Season of Giving – to Who?

Elise Snyder, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

Nearly every student contributes items to ITSOG, Westminster’s yearly holiday season item donation. Some are motivated by competing against other grades; others by this year’s new reward of a day off...

Left to Right: Madison, Rebecca, Lexi, Austin

The Toll of Conflict

Carissa Mitchell, Staff Writer November 3, 2023

Without a doubt, the most heavily covered international story of the past month has been The Israel-Gaza War. Here are the Sparknotes of the war:  The Gaza Strip is a geographical location bordering...

Jacobi Robinson, Senior, mopping the gymnasium.

Faith in the Facilities

Gideon Schwamb, Staff Writer October 26, 2023

Seniors have been participating in Senior Service for years. Traditionally, seniors will partner with an outside organization or establishment where they can perform their service. However, some seniors...

A group of girls gather as they serve in a kitchen.

New Community Service Program Blossoms at WCA

Bella Thies, Content Editor September 28, 2023

At the beginning of this year, a new service program was launched at Westminster, the Faith in Action program. The goal of this program is to encourage high school students to serve in their community...

ChatGPT is constantly evolving and changing how writing works.

The AI Epidemic: How ChatGPT Has Changed English Classrooms Forever

Bella Thies, Content Editor September 22, 2023

On November 30, 2022, an invention was released that would completely alter the way humans write and communicate forever: ChatGPT. For the past year, colleges and schools worldwide have been struggling...

A Pawprint worker waits diligently on a customer.

Mornings Just Got Better

Sadie Schmidt, Staff Writer September 19, 2023

Attention all coffee, smoothie, and tea addicts, Pawprint is back.    On Wednesday September 20th Pawprint, a student run coffee shop, will have its grand opening in the morning in the hub....

A smash club member holds up an Old Skool controller.

Got Beef? Settle it in Smash

Carissa Mitchell, Staff Writer September 15, 2023

In Westminster’s past, both the Gaming Club and the retired E-sports Club have been student favorites. Recently though, a new club has joined the lineup to great fanfare among many students. Smash Bros...

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