Baseball Notches Coveted THREE-PEAT

Eichel Davis, Print Editor

September 24, 2013

The road had not been easy. It had almost ended earlier, but none of the battles, none of the games mattered now as the Wildcats began to create a human pile in the middle of TR Hughes Ballpark. Ben Lovell got up off the ground, face caked with dirt, and a smile graced his face. The Wildcats had just notched another state victory, a threepeat. The house ...

Music With a Side of Coffee

Music With a Side of Coffee

Christian Linhoff, Marketing and Business Manager

September 19, 2013

The wolf is generally known for two things, coffee, and music. It’s the kind of coffee shop where soft clapping and light acoustic music are expected. The Schick brothers, a trio composing of Benjamin Schick, 8th grader, Daniel Schick, freshmen, and Reed Schick, junior, bring an entirely new e...

Radically Genuine

Catherine Bakewell, Staff Writer

April 15, 2013

A One-on-One with Danny: The Roar: How would you describe your music? Danny: I’d call it a mixture of indie and hip-hop. It’s kind of a concept album. The concept is sincerity, being rdically genuine, freedom from hypocrisy.   The Roar: Could you compare yourself to any othe...

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