From Student to Social Media Coordinator

Get to know Westminster’s new Marketing & Media Communications Coordinator, Mike Rohlfing


WCA Communications Department

Mike Rohlfing is the newest member of the WCA Communications Department

When alumni are asked about what they remember most fondly about their time at Westminster, many are quick to say the community. For 2005 alumni Mike Rohlfing, his answer is no different. As an involved student participating in baseball and AV Club, Rohlfing went on to work in video production and television. Now, he has returned to work at Westminster and hopes to make an impact on the community through his position as media coordinator.

As a student, Rohlfing’s teachers were formative to his success later in life. Specifically, serving under Mr. Kim amplified his passion for video production.

“I studied under the likes of Muehleisen, Dudley, Holley, Boesch, Janssen, Hall, Kerckhoff, and many others… And I worked on all sorts of video projects for talent shows, Christmas banquets, and Spirit Weeks. I was Mr. Kim’s TA my Senior year (in the early days of the AV Club), and we created numerous video projects together for the school,” said Rohlfing.

This passion led to an exciting career where Rohlfing was able to use his talents on a much larger scale than just for high school AV Club.

“[Before coming to Westminster] I worked in video production and television for 10 years. I created video content for numerous clients and helped develop and create shows for HGTV, Discovery Channel, Oprah Winfrey Network, Esquire, Nickelodeon, SyFy, and others. For the last two-and-a-half years I was Executive Producer on an internationally syndicated sports interview show, where we showcased different athletes and celebrities on each episode – including Kobe Bryant, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Michael Strahan, Jon Hamm, and many others,” said Rohlfing.

However, while this fast-paced job was exciting and provided an unparalleled experience, it also took away from valuable family time.

“I had been traveling a lot for work, which becomes more difficult when you have a new baby at home. I’ve always had a fondness for Westminster. I graduated from here. My wife works here. I have many great memories here. An opportunity opened up to join the communications team – to help promote WCA and tell the story of the school and God’s work here, and to utilize everything I’ve learned over the years to do that – and it seemed like a great fit,”said Rohlfing.

Although his time working here has been short, Rohlfing is excited for the opportunities that this school year will provide to create amazing content that brings the community together.

“I love the energy in the school building and the endless potential of this diverse group of students and teachers. I don’t always know exactly what I’m going to be photographing or creating from day-to-day, but there’s always something going on to inspire what I do … and Spirit Week… of course I look forward to Spirit Week!” said Rohlfing.

Ultimately, the Westminster community is so wonderful because of the diverse group of people it includes. Rohlfing’s job is to showcase this through media so don’t hesitate to seek him out!

“If you have any cool or unique things you’re doing (especially outside of the school day), we’d love to hear about it! There’s only so much information we can track down ourselves, so if you have any good stories to tell, awards you’ve won, or secret talents to show off, please let us know. And if you see a tall guy with a camera, say hi!” said Rohlfing.