Growing The Academy

The Westminster community welcomes new students, faculty members, and teachers.


A new school year means new faces at Westminster, and while that includes students, it also means new teachers. This year Westminster welcomes six new faculty members, three returning staff members, and six brand new teachers. 

One of those new teachers, Heather Laughlin, is a seventh grade English teacher and a Westminster parent. After subbing for Westminster long-term last year, Laughlin accepted a teaching position at Westminster this year.

“When an opportunity arose for me to apply here, I was both excited and humbled by the possibility,” said Laughlin.

As a Westminster parent, Laughlin wanted to be involved with a group of teachers that would invest in students they way they had for her sons. The teachers at WCA spend their days teaching, loving, and encouraging their students, and Laughlin wanted to be a part of a community like that. 

 “Knowing the caliber of teachers who are committed to serving the community of WCA, it was a delight to join the team. I’ve been welcomed, supported, and genuinely cared for,” said Laughlin. 

While being a part of the staff at Westminster was one reason Laughlin decided to start teaching, another reason is the students. 

“I really enjoy getting to know students and watching them grow over the course of the year. It’s so exciting to watch as a student reads something, sees truth on display, and then engages with the truth,” said Laughlin. 

Westminster is also a special place to teach at because of the focus it has on the biblical worldview. Many students, and even some teachers who have been at WCA for awhile, can forget how unique and rare that is. 

Gretchen Gorline, a new upper school Math teacher, has taught at schools all across the globe and has found that Westminster is unique.

I have taught at schools with high academic standards, and I have taught at a school that had a strong spiritual foundation. My observation is that Westminster is the best of both of these worlds. There is no denying that this is a school that is based on Christian ideals and principles, and I am impressed at the credentials, talents, professionalism, and faith of my colleagues,” said Gorline.

Gorline worked in the Math Center last year at Westminster and decided to start teaching this year because she missed having a classroom full of students.

“It’s a privilege to spend time with the students during this time of their lives and a wonderful experience to see all that my former students do and accomplish after they leave my classroom,” said Gorline. 

Gorline loves working with students and especially in a place that offers stimulating academics with a biblical perspective.

“It is a joy to be able to freely express my faith and to work in a place that challenges me to excellence,” said Gorline.