5 Life Skills Every High School Student Should Know

Important lessons High Schoolers should learn before they graduate.


High school is, arguably, the most pivotal time in any teenager’s life. In just four years, through exciting moments and interesting experiences, students can learn just as much outside of the classroom as they do within it. While many highschoolers are convinced that school is pointless, they are often unaware of the important life skills they are developing simply by living their everyday life during the school year. Here are five major skills that students should take away with them after graduation and into the rest of their lives.


1. Time Management: By ensuring that they are in the classroom before the bell rings, turning in homework assignments on time, or even making sure that they have a good seat at Friday night’s game, high school students quickly learn how to best manage their time in order to be successful in school while also leaving space to relax and have fun, without even realizing it.   

2. Money Management: Westminster students who responsibly manage the balance in their bookstore accounts throughout the year have money management down to a T. Students who know how to ration their money between gas, food, and concert tickets have also perfected the art of saving and spending money. Because money provides access to the many ways students like to spend their time, it is essential that highschoolers disperse their earnings in moderation and learn to stop themselves the next time they want to buy another school sweatshirt or a bag of chips from the bookstore.

3. Social Skills: The highlight of high school for most teens are the various opportunities they have to make and grow their social connections. Due to the vast amount of clubs, classes, teams, and events, high school is the perfect place for students to meet new people and make new friends both easily and naturally.

4. Organization: One of the most essential skills for any student to refine during their high school career is organization. Without having things in order or in place, highschoolers would forget homework, lose important papers, and quickly become overwhelmed with all of the tasks and responsibilities that pile up before them. Keeping things organized automatically helps any student become more successful throughout the school year as it helps them stay on top of all assignments and provides them with better efficiency and focus.

5. Self Advocacy: For highschoolers, self-advocacy could be asking for help from a fellow classmate or teacher, making important decisions independently, or plenty of other examples. While there are many amazing things about high school, it’s not always a breeze. Students who face challenges learn how to properly work through them and speak up for themselves in order to get help with both the things they struggle with and areas they would like to grow in. Becoming a self-advocate greatly increases confidence, independence, and happiness within students, creating an even better high school experience.