JBS recap

Disappointment is felt all around Wildcat nation after dropping a very winnable game to John Burroughs. It was an opportunity squandered by turnovers, missed kicks, and untimely cramps.

The Wildcats are now looking at an 0-3 record, two of which were lost on the final plays of the game. In a make-or-break season, it is not what anyone had hoped for.
But it was not all bad\; the defense came to play and held the Bombers, coming into the game averaging 42 points a game, to only seven points. It was the best defensive showing to date for the squad\; they forced a few turnovers with strong stands on 4th down.

On the Bombers’ opening drive, Senior Ben Hicks caught a ball on an errant throw for an easy interception. The ensuing offensive drive ended in the first of three missed field goal attempts.
The Wildcats’ following drive played out much better. A near 40-yard pass from Senior Lane Davis to Hicks found the end zone. The Wildcats opted to go for two points, and Senior Arthur Jordan fumbled the ball at the goal line, but Junior lineman

Jack Powers was able to pick it up and get the points. The Wildcats had an 8-0 lead midway through the first.
In the second quarter, Senior Ben Parres kept the Bomber running back from crossing into the end zone on 4th and 1 with a mean hit near the left pylon. The Wildcat offense came back onto the field but didn’t stay for long as the ball was snapped out of the back of the end zone to give Burroughs a free two points. It was 8-2 as the teams headed into the locker rooms for halftime.

In the second half, the teams traded punts and stops on 4th down. Both sides were reluctant to use their kickers.
In the midst of all of the possession changes, players were cramping up all over the field. Playing a game starting at 2 PM on a Saturday in September does not tend to make competing any easier. It was a typical hot day in the midwest and a few of the most important pieces of the team were impeded by cramps. This list included Senior Ben Parres, Sophomore LJ Minner, and the aforementioned Hicks. Late in the third quarter, Burroughs scored a touchdown after two long runs, their only big plays of the day, making the score 9-8.

The Wildcats got the ball and ran the offense all the way to the red zone. After being stopped on 3rd down, the field goal unit ran onto the field with 47 seconds left and the kick was blocked. The Wildcats dropped the home opener to a Metro League rival 9-8.

From here it does not get any easier as Lutheran North makes the trip south next weekend. Lutheran North is one of the top small schools in the state, loaded with many players going to continue on at big universities.
Something big needs to happen to get both the offense and defense clicking at the same time. The team has been very inconsistent in how they attack and the results.
The game kicks off at Westminster at 1 PM next Saturday.