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What More Do They Have to Deal With?

Unlike type two diabetes, type one diabetes is incurable and unpreventable.

Emma Harris, Staff Writer

October 18, 2019

When someone comes back from the buffet with five cookies or two slices of cake, there’s a recurring joke: “Be careful or you’re going to get diabetes!” What I don’t think people realize is that diabetes is much more complicated than that — there are actually two types. There is the type mo...

What is Impeachment Anyway?

Many American citizens feel that President Trump should be impeached.

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

October 15, 2019

In the past few weeks, America has been in a frenzy of drama with the word “impeachment” in the midst of it all. While some Americans are educated in politics and aware of what this possibly means for President Donald Trump, there is surprisingly a common misunderstanding as to what impeachment means. ...

Nine Week STUCO Update

The senior class STUCO officers pose for a formal picture.

Maggie Lindstrom, Staff Writer

October 11, 2019

Student Council has been in full swing now for nine weeks, and they spent the majority of first quarter preparing for the many events of Homecoming weekend. The Student Council is working on many projects. The inaugural Homecoming weekend may have been the priority, but how have the other projects...

Why is Your Boyfriend So Much Like Your Dad?

Rebekah Sems

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

October 11, 2019

My sister has been dating her boyfriend for over a year and a half. Even though she went to college twelve hours away from home, she found someone who is surprisingly similar to my dad. Both are accounting majors, who are silly, good story tellers, great with kids, athletic, and driven. In fact, after...

What’s the deal with TikTok?

Shelby Truitt’s, a Westminster freshman, TikTok videos. Truitt has gained a large following on TikTok.

Lauryn Rhodes, Staff Writer

October 4, 2019

If you’re a high school student, chances are you’ve sung the catchy songs, attempted one of the dances, or hopped onto one of the many trends from the rising lip-sync app, TikTok. While it’s more unlikely that you haven’t yet discovered this not so hidden world, for those who aren’t quite sure h...

Who’s Got a Side-Hustle?

Who's Got a Side-Hustle?

Lauryn Rhodes, Staff Writer

September 24, 2019

For many, if not all, teenagers, high school is a full time job. Between homework and extracurriculars, students endure a heavy workload nearly all day, for nearly every day of the week. The only thing that sets the job of a student apart from that of an adult? To state the obvious, highschoolers are...

From Student to Social Media Coordinator

Mike Rohlfing is the newest member of the WCA Communications Department

Isabella Francois, Managing Editor in Chief

September 24, 2019

When alumni are asked about what they remember most fondly about their time at Westminster, many are quick to say the community. For 2005 alumni Mike Rohlfing, his answer is no different. As an involved student participating in baseball and AV Club, Rohlfing went on to work in video production and televisio...

Always at War

An image of the twin towers taken during the attack.

Ava Bidner, Content Editor in Chief

September 20, 2019

As I walked down the stairs on Wednesday morning, headed to the kitchen to grab breakfast before heading out the door, I was confused why the TV was on so early in the morning. Then, as I looked up at the screen, I saw the nostalgic image of the two towers, black smoke billowing from the north tower...

Acknowledging the Worst but Hoping for the Best

Challenging the common assumption that optimism is always greater than pessimism.

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

September 20, 2019

As a pessimist, I am fully aware that I tend to focus on negative outcomes rather than positive ones. While most people think of pessimism as “bad” and optimism as “good,” it’s not that black and white or easy to define. Pessimism is expecting negative outcomes in life (seeing the glass...

Featured Artist from John Sarra’s Class

Wendel working on her next project in Sarra's new printmaking class.

Emma Harris, Staff Writer

September 17, 2019

Featured Artist: Lily Wendel  Art is, according to the German painter Gerhard Richter, “the highest form of hope.” That being said, Westminster Christian Academy does not tiptoe lightly through art classes but instead offers wonderful opportunities for artists to grow. In an effort to highlight...

Have You Been Hacked?

Have You Been Hacked?

Maggie Lindstrom, Staff Writer

September 9, 2019

Hackers nowadays aren’t just tying up wires to make free phone calls. They have created more creative ways to steal your identity, passwords, and credit card numbers.  The key to their success is through “keyloggers.” What are keyloggers you ask? Well, keyloggers are used over free and unsecu...

A Lack of Feminism

Women in India face difficult circumstances in their daily lives.

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

September 8, 2019

Dusty air fills the streets. The musky smell of curry, sweat, and waste cling to the throng of people making their way through town. Broken down houses slouch next to wealthy neighborhoods as cows roam free along the countryside. While this is one major difference between the United States of America an...

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