Out-of-This-World Costumes

Students’ Various Methods of Creating Outfits

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Colorful, vibrant costumes fill the halls during Spirit Week, where students have transitioned from their usual various shades of navy and grey to become aliens, cowboys, and the occasional bottle of ranch dressing.

While some students plan their costumes weeks in advance and have every costume ready to be thrown on each morning, some prefer to depend on bursts of creativity right before they leave for school.

“I just printed out a bunch of planets and taped them on my shirt five minutes before I left,” said Grace Johler, junior, sporting a black coat transformed into the solar system for Outer Space Day.

Another group of students repurposed the costumes worn during the American Dance Troupe’s performance Dance Will Take You to the Stars, put on by a group of talented dancers from Krupinski Academy. The dance had a Star Wars theme this year, which students took advantage of for Outer Space Day.

Mark Geisz, junior, who played Kylo Ren for the dance, repurposed his costume for Spirit Week.

“I couldn’t wear my mask or bring my light saber though,” said Geisz, who cleverly utilized face paint in place of a mask.

Hannah Rose, junior, and Cole Hintz, junior, also used costumes from Rose’s performance in ADT. They came dressed as Princess Leia and Han Solo.

Rose also managed to bring home a cardboard x-wing for Paige Wibbenmeyer, junior, to wear.

“I can’t really easily fit through doorways,” said Wibbenmeyer, hoping to receive the Spirit Stick for her elaborate outfit.

Other students borrow items from siblings to craft their costumes.

“My little sister went through a horse phase. I had six to choose from,” said Connor Evans, senior, who carried his sister’s horse around for Western Day.

“I have no purple, so I had to borrow my sister’s blanket,” said Jacob Moyer, sophomore. He wore the purple blanket as a cape for Class Color Day.

Despite the various methods of obtaining costumes, students all show their creativity through their costumes for Spirit Week.

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