The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

The Wildcat Roar

The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

The Wildcat Roar

The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

The Wildcat Roar

Artistic representation of a dancer fearful to look in the mirror.

Dancing Into an Eating Disorder

Carissa Mitchell, Staff Writer September 21, 2023

Most dancers can attest that it is difficult to look into the mirror because what they see is not what they want to see. Comparison and jealousy are frequent roots for negative self image and eating disorders...

A girl throws trash behind her into the 9/10 Commons at WCA.

I Don’t Get No Respect

Elise Snyder, Staff Writer September 16, 2023

Westminster is being grossly disrespected by students and perhaps even faculty who leave messes behind them wherever they go. These unnecessary cleanups cause extra work for our already busy, understaffed...

Shepherd Perkins wins the poker game by a landslide and stands victoriously

Students Engage in Controversial Poker Activities

Carissa Mitchell, Staff Writer September 8, 2023

During lunch, it isn’t uncommon to find students passing the time talking, studying or playing games such as nine square, wall ball, or more recently, playing poker. Texas Holdem, a commonly played version...

Pastor Davis stands in front of the mens bathroom holding his arms in defiance.

When You Got to Go

Sadie Schmidt, Staff Writer September 7, 2023

The bell sounds to begin class, when suddenly your body reminds you of all the water you drank earlier. What should you do? Raise your hand and see if the teacher will let you or pray you can hold it until...

Laschinski talking with his mentor Dr. Gall about class work.

The Faculty Fellow Phenomenon

Gideon Schwamb, Staff Writer August 31, 2023

Over the past decade, a decline in college graduates entering the teaching  profession has resulted in a nationwide teacher shortage. Although Westminster appears to have weathered this storm, the school...

Mr. Butz and Carissa pose for a photo at the Muny.

WCA’s Mr. Butz Makes His Muny Debut

Carissa Mitchell, Staff Writer July 21, 2023

Muny summer productions are a Saint Louis family summer favorite outing. This year, one production means a bit more to the WCA community than the others. Westminster’s very own beloved theater teacher...

The cast of Joseph poses in costume after Thursday nights performance.

A Final Show

Anna Grace Likes, Editor-In-Chief April 29, 2023

For Westminster’s final musical of the 2022-23 school year, the theater department is putting on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, originally written by Tim Rice. Performances began Thursday...

It is time to stick up for children and teens.

It’s NOT “Perfectly Normal”

Elijah Schmidt, Editor-In-Chief April 28, 2023

Sex: a highly controversial and polarizing topic for centuries. In some cultures it is heavily discussed, and in others the conversation about sex is shunned. But a new phenomenon is taking place in the...

Two newspaper staffers pose in spring break fashion.

Anyone Want to Go Back to Break

Ahren Muehleisen, First Year Newspaper Staffer April 12, 2023

While a large majority of the student body went to a beach for spring break, some unfortunate people did not. They missed out on fun, sun, and beach pictures. Images editor Maddox Rosenburg and I are here...

Out With the Old, In With the New

Out With the Old, In With the New

Anna Grace Likes, Editor-In-Chief April 11, 2023

It’s official: after three long years of glitchy, clunky, 7th Generation iPads, Westminster is finally trading them in for an upgrade. For the 2023-24 school year, all Westminster students will be given...

For the First Time in 4 Years...

For the First Time in 4 Years…

Raquel Herrera, First Year Newspaper Staffer March 21, 2023

Everyday at 11:35 am, during the start of 5th hour, the 2023 Orchestra class gathers for rehearsal in the far corner of the school in the music wing. When Christmas break concludes and school begins once...

Bill Russel

12 Going on 18

Christina English, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

Over the past decade, many things have changed due to evolving trends and new discoveries made in the world. Along with these changes has arisen another monumental shift: the level of maturity in middle...

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