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The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

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The Wildcat Roar

Mornings Just Got Better

Pawprint coffee is back for their 6th grand opening.
Ivey Wang
A Pawprint worker waits diligently on a customer.

Attention all coffee, smoothie, and tea addicts, Pawprint is back. 


On Wednesday September 20th Pawprint, a student run coffee shop, will have its grand opening in the morning in the hub. Students can expect music, games, and prizes which include coupons and the chance to win a free drink. As far as new drinks go, entrepreneurship and marketing teacher Brain Maloy, declined to explicitly answer but hinted that it will be “wild” themed. 


In addition to its grand opening, Pawprint coffee is looking to capitalize on other business opportunities this year.


“This year I am excited to grow Pawprint’s social media presence, and explore other promotions and potential partnerships in the local community.” said director of marketing, and senior, Rebecca Heinickle. 


Mr. Maloy also expressed similar excitement surrounding the growth of the program specifically, an expansion of the business academy. 


We have not just an Upper School Group, but now Business Academy Jr. which includes 7/8th Grade!  There will be a lot of new exciting things happening.” said Maloy. 


While Pawprint coffee continues to grow economically, it is most well known and loved for the unique culture that it brings to its customers.


“I think Pawprint is unique because not only does it have great coffee but also a relaxed atmosphere.” said sophomore Lucy Hager. 


Pawprint also provides a great opportunity for seniors to be a part of a supportive work environment. 


“Working at Pawprint is so rewarding because I feel like everyone supports each other and works hard.” said Pawprint employee and senior, Ellie Birkeland. 


Pawprint coffee shop has been a staple in the mornings of Westminster students for almost 6 years, and this year will be no different. Whether you’re looking to be an employee, customer, or simply a grand opening enjoyer, Pawprint is ready to welcome you back by continuing to make mornings better. 

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