The Wildcat Roar

Just Blog It

Abby Becker - Staff Writer

January 20, 2010

Along with texting, Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, blogging is another way for people to communicate with each other in this era of fast paced instantaneous news. Blogs enable all people to become authors who are able to express their ideas and opinions for other people to read and ponder. Blogging...

Touching Souls in Seoul

Kelsy Cline - Staff Writer

January 19, 2010

A selective group of students will travel to South Korea this summer to serve as missionaries to a group of students in Seoul. Thousands of miles over seas, in one of the largest cities in the world, Matthew Baldwin, Rachel Bates, Abby Becker, Lizzie Blackwell, Stephen Lillenberg, Chelsea McConkey,...

Fresh Faces

Margaret Moore

January 15, 2010

With an excited heart, and a constant worry of figuring out the Westminster Smart Boards, Laura Pettay arrived to teach for the second semester of the school year. Pettay came to Westminster to substitute for Bob Vass’s position, as the Literature Western Civilization teacher. Pettay was contacted...

“I Don’t Really Care” Means More Than You Think

Christina Dohr - Features Editor

January 12, 2010

Few teenagers are stranger to the nonchalant shrug of the shoulders and cool mutter of “eh, I don’t really care” that is a trademark characteristic of their generation. There are a handful of stereotypes that have marked teens for years, but the image of a lazy, apathetic American high schooler...

Back to School

Laura Tarantino - Staff Writer

January 11, 2010

“This is where God brought me,” says Emily Roig, upper school Spanish teacher. Roig graduated from Westminster in 2004. When she graduated Roig was not thinking of teaching. She was planning to be an occupational therapist or a counselor. While in college, Roig studied abroad in Spain and discovered...

Prestige Does Not Equal Popularity

Danielle Cicka - Associate Editor

January 11, 2010

College is on the minds of most Westminster students and is taken into consideration in their course choices, but an issue can be raised as to whether Westminster students choose to attend highly selective schools at the same rate as their counterparts at comparable high schools. After high school,...

2009: The Year in Review

Christina Dohr - Features Editor

January 11, 2010

Michael Jackson, Swine 09, Soccer Champions, Health Plan; Michael Phelps is smoking pot, Susan Boyle sings a lot, New Moon breaks a record, careful with your credit card; Mr. Vass bids school farewell, a second summer seminar, Carnival takes place inside, tennis sweeps the state in stride….. We didn’t...

Cafeteria Goes Green… Yellow and Red

Parker Briden - Staff Writer

January 11, 2010

You may have noticed something different in the cafeteria over the past few days. A little more color in the menus and some smarter choices available when you journey through the line. This is all due to a new plan to help the student body be healthier. This program called “Healthy is Food for Me,...

Bring New Meaning To Fashion Forward

Mari Knehans

November 30, 2009

Each year the young women of WCA spend large amounts of money on Christmas Banquet dresses and accessories. These beautiful gowns are more like one hit wonders: they experience an instance of fame and then retire to the back of a closet awaiting another opportunity to shine like a washed-up pop star....

Meet the Browns

Melinda Oliver - staff writer

November 18, 2009

A young woman sits by her husband’s side as he receives cancer treatment.  His battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has been lengthy and exhausting. It has been seven long years and the love of Gina Zakovec’s life is not getting better. She experiences the same emotions as any wife in her situation...

No One Trick Pony

Margaret Moore - Staff Writer

November 17, 2009

Seven players on the field, one Frisbee and the goal to reach the end zone, explains the intense game of Ultimate Frisbee. Abigail Karsten, an Upper and Middle school geometry teacher has played the game of Ultimate Frisbee since 2000. Ultimate is a thrilling, non-contact team sport that is a mix between...

Anastasia the Ballerina

Ashley Segrave - Associate Editor

November 17, 2009

As twelve girls flex their feet, Anastasia Hathaway, eighth grade student, stretches her way towards a future career in ballet. Hathaway has been practicing ballet for the past eleven years. The motivation behind her drive to excel began when her grandmother took her to her first ballet, Swan Lake,...

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