With Spritz, the new speed reading smartphone app, high school students can read at speeds of up to 1,000 words per minute with no effort.

The app flashes a stream of single words on the screen with speeds from 100 wpm to 1,000 wpm. The Forbes website reports that the average adult reading speed is around 300 wpm, meaning Spritz could increase speeds by up to three times, giving busy students more time to read the news and keep up with current events. However, it’s not meant to be a replacement for leisure reading.

“You wouldn’t really want to read classic lit or Shakespeare on [Spritz],” said Fred Waldman, co-founder and CEO of Spritz.

He explained that the app is meant to help people read the news quickly on their phones, not to help students whiz through their reading assignments.

The main critiques of Spritz is that it doesn’t measure how well people comprehend what they are reading, but if people start at slow speeds and gradually work their way up, they could maintain a high comprehension level.

Spritz has not launched yet, but it will soon be available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy Gear2.