Varsity Dance is Back

Q&A with VDT senior caption, Amber Allen.


Courtesy of Yearbook

Sarah Sadler, junior, leaps for an action shot.

Q. What school/sports event is the team looking forward to dancing at this year, seeing as how COVID didn’t allow for that last year?
A. The team is looking forward to dancing at more football games this year since COVID didn’t allow for us to dance on the field as much as we would’ve liked. Also, VDT is excited to perform a routine for spirit week as well.

Q. What is your strong suit as a team?
A. The Varsity Dance Team is excellent with dancing energetically; we are also really good at encouraging one another during practices and games.

Q. What are you personally most excited for this season?
A. I am personally most excited about learning new choreography this year and sharing them with the WCA community. Additionally, I look forward to growing as a leader with my position as a captain and serving as a role model to the rest of the team.

Q. Does the team have any new additions?
A. Yes, the team has one new member—Ava Tennant.

Q. How will the new addition add to the team dynamic?
A. Although Ava Tennant is a sophomore, I think she will be a great addition to the team because she is a very talented dancer.

Q. Is the signature “VDT HUH” a fun tradition to continue before each performance or do you think it’s time to transition out of that routine?
A. I think the team’s signature “VDT HUH” is a tradition that I want to continue this year before each performance because it gives us a little boost of confidence and energy.

Q. Lastly, what is your personal favorite type of dance?
A. Personally, my favorite style of dance is jazz because it is extremely sassy and appealing to watch.

Amber Allen, senior, performs a contemporary dance at senior night last year. (Nicki Mabry)