Blue Crew Sign-Off

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Two years ago the tremendous honor of leading the Blue Crew was bestowed upon: a lanky redhead, a homeless moses, a voice-crackin’ blondie, an overgrown leprechan, an athletic dad-bod, and a homeschooled kid addicted to touching his hair.

It was a decision so radical that the Westminster community may never fully recover. With these six characters at the helm, the rejuvenated Blue Crew gave life to Westminster athletics, testing both the mental strength of opponents and the limits enforced by Coach Zell.  From questionable chants to painted chests, they walked the line, depriving administration of sleep but dutifully inspiring the Cats to victory. We remember our valiant foes who tried to overcome our roar, such as Mark (Ladue), Jack (Priory) and Keandre (U-City) who crumbled under the weight of a thundering Sea of Blue.

So thank you. Thank you for the late nights in the gym and losing your voices. Thank you for participating in our ridiculous theme ideas, even during the cold fall days standing in the bleachers. Thank you for helping us support our athletics with the vigor of a true Wildcat. Without your assistance, this experience would not have been possible. Blue Crew has become more than a club, or anything that we could ever have dreamed. It has evolved into a means for the entire school to encourage, love, and enjoy each other.

As we pass into the next phases of our lives, we implore you to stay passionately involved in the Westminster community. While we might not always realize or appreciate it, this is a special place. We are surrounded by teachers, coaches, and peers that genuinely care about one another. Allow them to help you chase your dreams, whether they lie in athletics, academics, or arts. Infuse this school with a fervor and drive that will push individuals to prestigious accomplishments. Especially to those in the Blue Crew next year. Build what we have started. Bring energy and passion to each game and make our venue the Cameron Indoor or Death Valley of high school sports. The torch has been passed….

No pressure.

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