Sophomore Boys Beat Senior Boys in a Shocking Tug O’War Upset


Sophomore Jack Villa helped lead the tug o war team to victory. Photo by: The Foundation Yearbook

During the Tuesday Spirit Week Assembly, the 10th and 12th grade boys faced off in a consultation round of tug 0’ war, with the whole school watching in anticipation. The senior boys were the favorite to win, with a team consisting of lineman and Yale commit Bennie Anderson, basketball star and all-around athlete Brennan Orf, and powerhouse Ben Chereji.

The game started off an equal match, with the rope barely moving toward either side. However, the senior team slowly began to fade, with the anchor Chereji slipping.

“Tug O’ War has never really been the senior class’s strong suit, and it was definitely embarrassing to lose to the underclassmen,” said Anderson, senior member of the team.

The sophomores, led by LJ Minner, Jack Villa, and anchored by Sterling Webb, took advantage of their fatigue and surged ahead, claiming victory.

“We were the better team at the end of the day,” said Minner.

It was an amazing upset for the sophomores and really brought their grade together for the rest of Spirit Week, eventually landing them a second place finish overall, ahead of the juniors.

“We knew it was possible to beat the seniors but obviously it was going to be hard. However, we have some big boys in our grade, and we ended up winning which was pretty cool,” said Villa, a sophomore member of the team.