The Wildcat Roar

Australia in Ashes

This is a space view of Victoria, Australia showing the moving bushfires as they spread over the continent. Photo by: NASA

Grace Skiljan, News Editor

January 27, 2020

Every year the Australian fire season rolls around during their summer caused by the hot, dry weather. This season has always been dangerous, and history shows that large forest fires are not uncommon during this arid time. In 2009, 173 people were killed in a bushfire disaster, and just last Dec., a ...

Music Recommendations

Music Recommendations

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

January 24, 2020

Don’t Go to College

Taking a gap year is a new way of learning after high school that offers students an alternative to stressing out about where to go to college.

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

January 20, 2020

The beginning of the second semester can be surreal for seniors in high school as the reality of graduation sets in. This can be overwhelming and exciting for several reasons, and while plenty of seniors are thrilled about moving on to their dream colleges and starting their new life, others are confused...

Champions of Speaking Fast

Some members of the debate team before the Ladue Novice Invitational.

Maggie Lindstrom, Staff Writer

January 10, 2020

This year has been very successful for the Westminster debate team. A debate team is usually set up in several pairs, and what distinguishes the varsity team from the novice team is the number of years of the pairs have debated. So, the whole debate team is made up of smaller pairs of two, altho...

Not So Happy Holidays

Food is not the enemy; it can be a beautiful way to bring friends and family together.

Isabella Francois, Managing Editor in Chief

January 10, 2020

From decadent Thanksgiving feasts to holiday parties to Christmas dinners to New Year’s resolutions, what is supposed to be a time of joy and fun can spiral into a time of panic and self-loathing for those struggling with or recovering from eating disorders. As someone who has struggled withd...

Teacher Speak with Jonathan Horn

Jonathan Horn, Business and Communications Department Chair.

Benjamin Knisley, Staff Writer

November 26, 2019

Q: What do you do in your free time? A: I am a husband and father of four, which takes up most of my time, but I like being with them and coaching but also like to watch the Chiefs and Royals. But what I really like to do is play fantasy football which I have won 3 times, and I am back-to-back champs. Q:...

Where Your Demons Hide

Often times those struggling with a personality disorder are easy targets for demons to attack.

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

November 24, 2019

What would you do if someone were to tell you he hears voices whispering his name? You would probably take a few steps back and regard that person as crazy. In fact, hearing voices say your name is a symptom of schizotypal personality disorder.  According to Mayo Clinic, “A personality disorder is a type of...

What’s in your Locker?

A high schooler’s locker is often messy compared to that of a middle schooler’s at WCA.

Maggie Lindstrom, Staff Writer

November 17, 2019

A locker is a small box-like space that is given to every student in the school. No matter the size, students are responsible for their own lockers. Some people choose to keep their lockers super clean and organized and even decorate them while others do not care about their space as much, leaving old...

The Great Candy Debate

The Great Candy Debate

Lauryn Rhodes, Staff Writer

October 31, 2019

With the final day of October creeping up, many are growing excited for the long-awaited holiday, Halloween. This widely celebrated day is loved for a number of reasons: scary movie marathons, haunted houses, the freedom to dress up as anything or anyone, and most importantly, candy. For one night, those that participate in this tradition are able to shame...

Practicing Confident Pluralism

Affective partisan polarization. Americans’ feelings toward their own party have barely changed since the 1970s, but Americans have become more “cold” toward the other party since the 1990s. (Source: American Election Study)

Lea Despotis, Design Editor

October 29, 2019

On Sep. 24, 2017, many of the Pittsburgh Steelers kneeled during the national anthem after President Trump openly expressed his opinion that players should remain standing. The Steelers coach Mike Tomlin responded, “We’re not going to play politics.” The reality of that statement, however, is ...

The Cliff of Recovery

Eating disorders are sometimes compared to the feeling people afraid of heights experience when they stand on the edge of a cliff.

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

October 29, 2019

Imagine being afraid of heights and having to go stand on the edge of the cliff three times a day. This type of fear is a reality for individuals struggling with eating disorders. My friend, who wishes to stay anonymous, is in recovery from anorexia nervosa and has agreed to share her story with me....

Stuck? Give These a Listen!

In need of some new music? Here are a few songs.

Rebekah Sems, Feature Editor

October 22, 2019

Everyone at some point in their life knows what it’s like to get in a rut when it comes to music. Often times we get stuck listening to the same five songs over and over again until we can’t handle it anymore. Personally, I know the struggle of not knowing what new music and artists to check out...

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