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The Wildcat Roar

The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

The Wildcat Roar

The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

The Wildcat Roar


Courtesy of Mike Rohlfing
Images of Corinne Plumb participating in mattress surfing every year starting in 7th grade

It all started in seventh grade. Like any other person, Corinne signed up for her first spirit week game, mattress surfing. As the name implies, mattress surfing is where one person lays on their stomach on a mattress, while others make a human conveyor belt and pull the surfer over them. This is one of spirit week’s most unpredictable games depending more heavily on strategy than athletic ability, allowing an opportunity for any grade to win. 


Expecting it to be one of the less intense games, Corinne was shocked to become the center of attention. Everyone assumed that Corinne would be surfing since her height made her most suited for the role, but she honestly didn’t think about it. 


“I got down there and I was so confused because everyone was telling me to hold on tight, and then I realized I was surfing.” said senior, Corinne Plumb. 


With a horrified look and white knuckle grip, one click of Mr. Rohlfing’s camera and Corinne’s first surf was captured in infamy. 


The next year, she signed up again. This time however, Corinne was prepared. 


“I was pretty sure that I would be the surfer again because I did it the year before. I can’t say I was necessarily excited or nervous, I honestly just accepted it.” 


Sure enough, Corinne found herself surfing once more with another photo by Mr. Rohlfing to capture the experience. 


Unfortunately, the next year put a stop to Corinne’s career as COVID-19 took spirit  week outside, cutting mattress surfing from the roster. But next year (10th grade) Corinne was back again with another up close photo from Mr. Rohlfing showing off her re-appearance. Unsurprisingly history repeated itself, and Corinne solidified herself as the seniors surfer as she did it again in 2023 with a close up shot of her on the live stream. 


Now, with her final spirit week fast approaching, Corinne gets ready to surf her last. 


“I think it’s crazy how I just became the designated surfer. I’m not mad about it, it’s honestly been way more fun than getting crushed to death underneath it. I am sad about it being my last spirit week though, especially after looking back through all the photos.” 


This year mattress surfing will take place on Monday along with chariot relay, tug-o-war, half court shot, dodgeball, and ultimate chicken. 


As seniors get ready for their last spirit week, Corinne emphasized the importance of participating. 


“I would encourage new students to just sign up for a game. The worst thing that can happen is you just don’t do it next year. Who knows? You might even end up like me and start an unexpected tradition.”

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