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The Wildcat Roar

Behind the Scenes of the Scenes

Carissa Mitchell
Juniors Chase Borage (left) and Casey Heironimus (right) watching this year’s film project video

With the hype around spirit week big events (Lip Sync, Boys Poms, Film Project, and Art Board), each grade seeks to bring the best they have to offer. Film project, a mere 5 minutes, can greatly impact a grade’s overall point total.


Apart from just the challenge of creating an engaging video, each year there are three things that are required to be in the film: a prop, character, and a line. This year, the prop is children’s pool floaties, the character is a choreographer, and the line is “If you do that again, I’ll scream.”


“Yeah so we didn’t get the elements that needed to be included until after christmas break but in order to speed up the process, we did start coming up with ideas and writing a script that could be edited later,” said Nevan Shively, Junior.  


These “elements” seem to just appear. Unlike the themes for lip sync, boys poms, and art board which are decided by the students, it is a mystery as to who decides the film project elements. 


“I’ve known [Susie] Brown for a while now and we have a good relationship […] so she came asking me to help [decide the requirements for a film project] this year” said the anonymous creator of the required items for this year’s film project. 


After years and years of seeing so many film projects it is feasible that creating the required items for film project is nothing short of an honor, and although the creator’s name may not be disclosed, their expertise in this field can be assured. 


On another note, this year for the first time in Westminster History, middle school has a film project video. They follow the same guidelines as set for upper school, although some additional help from teachers will be given. Regarding this, the community has differing opinions about this change. 


“I don’t think they should have a film project. It was always like a rite of passage [to do film project] when you got to freshman year,” said anonymous, Junior.


While some are not very enthusiastic about middle school joining film project this year, others are fully supportive of this new change. 


“I really like the idea of the middle [school] getting involved in the film project. As a leader on the project for a couple years, I know how difficult it can be to jump in with little experience. Having [them] jump into the process with some guidance is a great way to get them rolling for their high school career.” said Abel Tucker, Junior 


Regardless of the arguments that could be made for or against middle school film project, this is definitely a big change in WCA’s spirit week traditions for future years.


Apart from this, oftentimes the hours and work the leaders put in can be overlooked. It takes many hours, days, and weeks of planning, filming, and editing to create just one of these videos. It’s important to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of all those involved.

“We had a tighter cast this year and we kinda just figured it out as we went. We started with a big plan of what we were gonna do […] and we got down to casting and no one was around so we’d run through the commons after school grabbing people and be like, “Hey you’re gonna be in film project now” but I think it turned out well,” said Ben Atkins, Senior.  


Similarly to the seniors’ search for actors, the sophomores also had a unique and unconventional approach to casting. 


“I got asked during sixth hour [a day or two before filming] if I could act in it, so I said yes. […] Just being in it [was super fun] and making people laugh is what I love to do.” Blaise Baca, Sophomore. 


Also, when asked about being involved this year in film project, the general consensus was one of positivity and joy.


“It was really fun doing the voice over […] I really enjoyed it. I’m glad they allowed me to be a part of it,” said Nehemiah Oginni, Senior.


More than just the end product, the process is what makes this enjoyable. The time off screen spent together is just as memorable. 


“It’s just a fun time to hang out with friends [… but] it was very cold on some of the film days, -7 [degrees]. That was brutal,” said Chase Borage, Junior


The memories made throughout Spirit Week, especially these special ones for those involved in any of the big events are truly unforgettable. Being able to connect with your grade and the wider WCA community is the ultimate goal.


“I just think our project is very fun and fun to watch […It’s] just simple and enjoyable,” said Cutler Fricke, Freshman. 


Spirit week is all about building school spirit and community and it is clear that has been accomplished by these cast/crew members of the 2024 film project. Regardless of casting difficulties, freezing film days, and the sheer amount of time and effort needed to create film project video, across the board everyone was able to build community and participate in something fun. 

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