After Watching


Elijah Schmidt

Read further for a review of the movie’s plot.

The long awaited anticipation of the release of the movie, Don’t Worry Darling, directed by Olivia Wilde is now over. The film officially reaches the public in theaters on Friday of September 23rd, and the ultimate reviews are out. From the start of production, critics and other people within the movie industry were skeptical about this project. This skepticism all roots from the behind the scenes drama including Olivia Wilde, and the two main characters played by Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. Despite the drama, how did the film really do? 

I am no film critic, and to be quite frank, I do not hold much knowledge of what makes a movie good. Despite this, my opinions are quite positive. Olivia Wilde is a genius, and the plot of this movie is completely out of left field. The main consensus of the movie revolves around the two main characters Jack and Allison, played by Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. This couple’s lives in a newly manufactured town called “Victory” loosely based on the ideals and lifestyle of the 50’s. The husbands would go off to work everyday, and the wife stays home to cook, clean, and care for the family. Allison begins to go crazy when she realizes that her entire life has been a lie. She begins challenging the rules of the town to find out the secrets they have been keeping, and everyone believes she is going crazy. No one in this town ever has challenged the creator of the town until Allison, which leaves for quite the exciting story. I cannot say much more about this film without spoiling it, you’ll just have to go see it. 

First in this evaluating, it is important to look at the acting, did Olivia Wilde chose the right people for this cast? Some of the main stars in this movie were Olivia Wilde herself, Chris Pine as the creator of the town, and Harry Styles and Florence Pugh as I said previously. The casting of Harry Styles was a bold move, and critics skeptulated he only landed the role because of his relationship with Olivia Wilde off the set. Harry does have some previous acting experience, but nothing compared to his co-star Florence Pugh. Florence has starred in various physiological thrillers and action films like Midsommar, Little Woman, and Black Widow. She is a world renowned actress, and her performance in Don’t Worry Darling is nothing short of perfection. Some watchers viewed Harrys acting poorly since he was working along people like Florence Pugh and Chris Pine. His acting is nothing to rave about, but for the little experience he has in the field he played the part well. For those unaware, Harry Styles main claim to fame is his talent for music. He was one of the stars in 2000’s boy band “One Direction,” and later went on to independently make music. Styles was also juggling a world tour during the production of the movie. It can be inferred that behind the scenes, Harry probably did not have much time to improve his acting skills for the movie. Despite his little experience with acting, having such a big name within the industry drew attention to the movie regardless. People were not going to see the movie because he is such a good actor, they went to see it simply because its Harry Styles. Harry is what drew the younger generation to this movie. 

Dont Worry Darling is filled with beautiful visual representations, plot twists, and a range of emotions. From a Hollywood perspective, this is an amazing movie. On a deeper level though, this movie touches some really interesting topics maybe it wasnt even trying to. The entire basis of this movie is about the gender roles in an American household in the 1950’s. Jack would go off to work everyday and Allison would stay home to clean, cook, and tend to her husband. There is a recurring scene in the movie where all the wives walk out to their husbands car, hand them their lunch, kiss them, wave goodbye, and walk back inside. This recurring scene really shows the true nature of what life for women was like in the 50’s, and it does it in such a simple way. Another really important scene occurs when Jack gets promoted to the senior advisor board of the company, “Victory.” None of the wives are allowed to know what the men actually do when they go to work, their answer is “Building progressive materials.” whatever that means. When Jack gets promoted, Frank, the creator of the town, begins to shout “Whos world is this?” and all of the men shout that it is a “Man’s world”. In this movie, this statement is nothing far from true. The town is made and run by men, and the women have no idea what is going on.