Perona Leads Girls Lacrosse to a Sweeping Victory Over Visitation

Spirits are high for the girls lacrosse team, as they stretch their record to four and one after a 17-8 win.


Brooke Highmark

Kara Galakatos, senior, takes a draw at center field.

On Friday, April 9th, the girls lacrosse team became weary about the weather conditions of their game due to past experience. However, they didn’t let a little heat or fatigue get in the way of their goals.

“Last time we played in the heat it didn’t go well, so this win was extra exciting for us,” said Marty Briner, senior.

Although the game started out pretty evenly matched and goals were neck and neck, the Wildcats relied on their consistency and energy both on and off the field to rally them over their competition.

“We didn’t get down on ourselves, and it was good to hear everyone encouraging each other,” said Briner.

Kharis Perona, junior, heavily contributed to the Cats’ momentum, scoring an impressive, and career high, nine goals throughout the course of the game. Perona is currently the sixth leading scorer in the area with thirty points, including twenty five goals.

Another contributing factor to the team’s successful performance was Nicki Mabry, senior.

Coach Chris Knerr talks to Emily Griege on the sideline. (Brooke Highmark)

“Nicki was a very versatile player and played defense, mid, and attack throughout the game. She adapted to every situation very well, even scoring the first goal of the game, which was also her first goal of the season. This set the tone for the rest of the game,” said Briner.

Emily Griege, sophomore goalie, is currently sixth in the area for total saves, recording a total of 42. In the game against Viz, she reportedly saved eleven.

The girls lacrosse team is now looking to build on their current momentum and preserve their winning record throughout the remainder of the season.