Behind the Scenes of Sophomore Lip Sync

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Behind the Scenes of Sophomore Lip Sync

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Lip Sync is one of the events that Westminster students most look forward to watch and experience. The audience is excited to watch all the grades show their lovely performances. Westminster students practice diligently and work everyday to master the lip sync routines. For example, Westminster students, Allison Broadhurst, the choreographer of the lip sync routine, Alexa Rosenberg, a dancer, and Molly Andersen, a dancer, give a us the behind the scenes look on what it takes to master their lip sync performance. Lip sync gives students the chance to work together with some of their classmates and step outside of their comfort zone by challenging them to learn choreography and perform for the whole school.

Allison Broadhurst lead lip sync with Maggie Hackman and Maggie Wessels last year as well as this year. They put in a lot of hard work, but in the end it worth it and also a lot of fun.

“We make a great team and all bring great ideas to the table in order to create an awesome performance. The three of us have lots of dance experience, which helps with creating choreography and teaching it. Also, I have a very loud voice that is great for quieting down over 50 girls when they’re not paying attention,” explains Broadhurst.

Allison enjoys performing. It is one of her passions.

“Performing is what I love to do and I’ve been training and getting experience ever since I can remember. The cool thing about lip sync for me is that I can share what I love with my classmates, and they are able to experience what I do every day in a fun way,” said Broadhurst. Allison believes it is great for team building because everyone in lip sync works together in order to make the lip sync routine a success. New friendships are able to be made just from standing next to someone new in a formation. Allison definitely hopes to continue to lead lip sync. It is one of the highlights of her year.

“It is amazing to see how hard everyone works and the feeling of performing alongside my classmates in front of the school is worth every second of hard work,” declares Broadhurst.

Lip sync is not only a great experience because of the challenge it brings forth for everyone but because it is a great environment to bond with classmates and often results in new friendships between members. Being in lip sync is like being part of a team, and when everyone works together and tries their best, amazing things can happen.
“My favorite part of lip sync is the actual performance in front of the entire school. It’s incredible to perform alongside my classmates doing what I love, especially after the dance looks great and all of the blood, sweat and tears (literally) has paid off” said Broadhurst.

Lip sync can be challenging, especially when the choreography is on the more difficult side. The harder the moves, the cooler everything looks. But this also means lots of practicing, drilling choreography over and over until it is together and clean. Some rehearsals are long and tiring, but everyone works hard until the very end, which an amazing thing to see.