Junior Lip Sync

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Junior Lip Sync

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Everyone loves watching the exciting event that is lip sync. Fun costumes, music, and dance moves makes it a fun event for performers and viewers alike. However, much more goes on behind the scenes than many viewers may know.

Practices start about two weeks before Spirit Week. The dance is choreographed even before that. One of the lip sync leaders for the juniors is Brooke Lang.

“I think the hardest part of lip sync is coming up with a dance that 70 plus people can do and like enough to put their full effort into it,” she says. After the choreographing ends, teaching begins.

“Also, the hardest part is finding different ways to teach the moves to ensure that everyone understands it and can execute the moves you’re putting in front of them,” Lang adds.

During practices, the lip syncers have to learn how perform with costumes and props as well. For this year’s juniors, this involved practicing with the umbrellas in the dance and getting used to adding them in the dance.

Despite long hours of practicing at late hours and on the weekends, the girls involved build a community with other girls in their grade and get to have lots of fun.

“I really like the community in general. I love being able to perform with all my best friends after working hard with them,” says Lauren Bauer, junior.

Junior Abby Ruckman adds, “My favorite part of lip sync is strengthening old relationships and gaining new ones through our common goal to win!” Overall, lip sync is a fun event and a great way to compete between grades.