Behind the Scenes of 9th Grade Boys Poms


Boys Poms is a Lip Sync for guys. Even though many guys do not join, a good amount of boys have joined this year, and the four leaders Lexi Jo Alm, Lauren Bohlmann, Ashley McDonald, and Sophia Mullen are a little stressed but are having a great time.

“Teaching the dance is a little difficult because their attention span is for two seconds and at the beginning they weren’t paying attention but now they are, and I am having a great time seeing them attempt to do the dance,” says Lauren Bohlmann, a leader and teacher for Boys Poms. Even some of the students were having trouble pick up the dance at first. Matthew Culligan, a new Boys Poms dancer, states, “Getting in sync with everyone during the dance is very difficult, but I believe that we will win.”

Over 15 boys joined Boy’s Poms this year. Henry Hartshorn, a returning Boy’s Poms boy, explains, “I joined because my friends were leading the dance and I wanted to support them. Also, the music for our dance this year is lit.” Lauren explains that teaching dance is a little difficult because there are no parents helping this year, and it is difficult to have the boy’s full attention. Also, most of the boys are having a difficult time picking up the dance, “but they are getting it,” Bohlmann says.  

In Boy’s Poms, they are many different and fun parts to experience, but Koby Schmer, a returning Boy’s Poms boy, says, “The leaders gave donuts, so that was definitely my favorite part.”

In the end, the leaders will be returning to do it again next year because even though it is hard it is still fun. Even first year students doing boy’s poms will be returning. “Yes, I will be returning. I will be returning because I love the moves and dancing with my friends,” Henry Jung, a returning Boy’s Pom boy says. “I will also be continuing Boy’s Poms because it is fun and I enjoy doing it,” explains Pearson Georges, another returning Boy’s Poms boy.