Benefits of Professional Sports


Drew Cahill

Fans reach to touch the historic Stanley Cup.

To many people, professional sports are very important and reap various benefits. Entertainment, community, and economic influence are a few of the great assets that come with these sports teams.

Entertainment has proven to be a major draw for viewers. For example, around 17.3 million people watch the average NFL game.

Fans tend to feel a sense of belonging to their sports team and are therefore compelled to watch. Their emotional attachment to the team causes them to watch every game, win or lose.

Many baseball fans were devastated during the 2020 MLB season when it was shortened. After waiting for the season to start for a little over three months, fans were overjoyed when it started up again.

Over 500,000 fans cheer on the blues team as they roll by. (Drew Cahill)

The economic impact of professional sports on a city is massive. Not only does it create jobs for people, but it also brings a substantial profit to the city itself. Some MLB stadiums make more than four million dollars per game. Even the sports stadium in which the game is played creates numerous different jobs, provides business to local bars and restaurants, and allows merchandise to be sold to attending fans.

Furthermore, the money that television companies make from sports is astonishing. For example, the average advertising revenue is 22 million dollars per NFL game.

Lastly, sports bring community to a city. Fans are able to come together and rally around their love for a team, often coming from all over the nation to watch the game in person. St. Louis experienced this community after the Blues won the Stanley Cup. Over 500,000 people came to the victory parade, and everyone seemed to become friends. People that had never even watched a game of hockey posted about this historic win.

The community of sports has the ability to temporarily eliminate political or social controversy. An entire city can put their differences aside to root for a professional sports team.