The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

Emma Harris

What I did this Summer Vacation

That summer, 

It was filled with restless nights & loss,

And I grieved for a life I was forced to leave, 

And I questioned the cost, 

And I experienced an anger,

I tried to suppress,

But just couldn’t deny any longer.


That summer,
I learned you watch sunsets, 

That you’re afraid of people just like I am.


That summer, 

Every day was filled with debilitating pain, 

I was made to watch everyone,

While I sat alone, going insane,

Like a bird with a broken wing, 

A songbird who has little energy to sing,

And I was so far off from okay.


That summer,

I learned what it means to be lost,

Truly, completely lost.  


But that summer, 

I heard the words I love you leave your lips,

And everything collided into an eclipse. 


That summer, 

We caught each other falling, 

And we tore down some walls, 

I made a playlist to declare my love, 

I learned what it means to be in love,

I learned that hate is scary,

But love is terrifying. 


That summer, 

I was lost, but for the first time I felt found,

And what a lovely person to find me. 


That summer, 

I learned I’m not in love with loneliness,

That I rather hate it a lot. 


That summer, 

It should’ve been my worst, 

And yet I began to heal,

I grew from some of my hurt, 

I began to believe I’m lovable, 

All because in you I found a right,

The only thing that’s ever felt right.


That summer, 

I felt all the dangers fading away into fears, 

I felt falling away all the heavy weight of my years. 


That summer, 

I learned what a difference not being alone makes,

During the nights spent talking in your arms. 


That summer, 

It was a process, 

Learning how to cope, 

Learning how to love,

Maintaining my hope, 

But that summer I found my voice,

I learned how to be bold. 


That summer, 

I learned what happiness is,

And I realized I don’t hate it at all. 


That summer,

I learned what happiness is.


I am not the same person that bode you a temporary farewell last year. But somehow I am more “me” than I’ve ever been before. I hope you learned something over the summer as well. I’ve learned quite a lot. 


May you build a ladder to the stars,

Emma Harris

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