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Anagi Pieris

At Home Exercise Tips


As the vaccine rollout for COVID-19 is quickly becoming a reality in many parts around the world, some citizens may place a higher emphasis on near to total isolation in the meantime. Whether one is an athlete awaiting an important tournament, a student on the verge of taking a pivotal exam test, or a person with an underlying physical condition, there are many who have credible reasons to stay at home as the pandemic seems to be winding down. In the interim though, it is important to maintain a degree of intentional physical activity for personal fitness, if nothing else. To that end, I have listed a few suggestions below.

1.) Climb up and down a flight of stairs, if possible. Simply walking up a single step and going back down again takes more exertion than one would think. When that action is repeated as part of a daily routine, the benefits are even more tangible. This excercise is great for those who have untold hours of time on their hands and themselves are endowed with unflappable patience. For others, especially younger children, jump roping may be a more appropriate venue to channel some energy in between other activities. Notably, jumping rope can be done in a group activity or individually and it burns 3x more calories over a given span of time than doing push-ups.

2.) Sit down and stand up repeatedly. The next time you are interrupted mid-work, just remember that getting off the chair every so often is good exercise…or you can intentionally build the habit of staying on the edge of your seat in anticipation of a wrench in your plans. As an alternative, more energetic people should teach themselves how to cartwheel. For this venture, there is no magic word Internet search or tutorial book to substitute. Find a grassy space of clear surface and figure matters out for yourself—or perfect the cartwheeling technique you already know.

3.) Engage in basic domestic upkeep like sweeping over a surface that offers a degree of resistance, such as carpetsd floors. This activity is easily accessible for people of all ages and is sure to become an easy, practical way to incorporate excreice into one’s daily routine.

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