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Anagi Pieris

Vacations: Six Times Never


When traveling during COVID-19 times, many beloved traditions have fallen to the wayside, but even still, some basic routines remain. Approaching a destination, whether over land or overseas, entails at least some degree of preparation.

DON’T leave for a confined space over an extended period of time without a first aid kit

DO bring adequate supplies and terrain-appropriate clothing/footwear

DON’T commit yourself to an itinerary without reviewing surrounding weather predictions for the journey

DO plan for potential jet lag by setting your phone or wristwatch to the time zone of your place of arrival

DON’T set off without a fully charged device

DO research norms and expectations of regions or layovers that your route passes

DON’T begin traveling on an empty stomach or, conversely, fill yourself up with junk food all the way from point A to B

DO make sure to keep all documents such as visas/passports up to date

DON’T leave communicating with hotels or households you plan on visiting to the last minute—or day before

DO have ample spare change within reach for unexpected expenses like toll roads or taxi fares

DON’T anticipate everything to proceed exactly as planned

DO be flexible and enjoy the journey!

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