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Emma Harris

No, Not Everyone Will Like You More

Although I don’t change myself, I do hide myself away, and while what I do show is me, it’s a very small percentage of me. Just because I speak the truth about myself doesn’t mean I don’t retain most of it.

Which is this Friday’s topic: we’re going to be talking about being yourself, which is both a cliche and something I personally struggle with- something I think we all struggle with, to a certain extent. We all have different reasons for hiding or changing ourselves, but no matter what that reason is, we are often told the same thing by “inspirational” quotes and cliché pick me ups in response: everyone likes you better when you’re being yourself.

But I think it’s damaging when people are told everyone likes them most when they’re being themselves- it’s simply not true. Some people are going to like you less, that’s just how it works. The message we need to be sending instead is that this is okay; everyone liking you is an impossible standard to reach and you should not hold yourself to this goal. Your value and worth is not determined by anyone else and those who dislike you do not define how good of a person you are. There is, however, one thing everyone will agree to once you start being yourself, whether they like you or not: they will admire you. I know I will.

[It’s harder than it sounds, but] free yourself to be yourself,

Emma Harris

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