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Procrastination and Distraction From Reality

Nines have many great qualities, but they are far from perfect. Unhealthy nines struggle with many unhealthy habits. 

Nines are great at procrastination and distracting themselves from real life. Watching too much tv, eating all the time and oversleeping are very common ways to avoid tasks that are hard. 

For example, I watched two episodes of gilmore girls and got two snacks before I started writing this blog. The reality that I had to write this blog did not change, but I just wanted to distract myself a little longer.

Nines will not only procrastinate work, but time to think and reflect. I will go week or even months without sitting in silence just reflecting. I have learned how important my quiet time alone is, but this time forces me to face the sad uncomfortable realities in my life, so I avoid silence. Before bed, I watch tv. While cleaning my room, I watch tv. While I’m using the restroom, I am on my phone. 

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed and like I was losing myself, so I set a timer for five minutes and layed in my bed reflecting. The difference it made was crazy. I felt more calm and more confident than I had in a while. 

Real life is awkward, scary and upsetting, but ignoring these realities only makes it worse.


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