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15 Things Enneagram Nines Do, Think and Value

5 things nines think daily:

1.) I wish I had said more, but I couldn’t think of anything because I was too focused on not making them more upset.

2.) I explained that I understand what they are saying, but it would be nice to hear them say the same.

3.) I know that I am loved but I would like to be respected.

4.) I don’t understand how people can get so angry so easily.

5.) I wonder how long until they don’t like me anymore.

5 things nines do while driving:
1.) Speed up when they get tailgated. 

2.) Feel bad for a week when they get honked at.

3.) Avoid making awkward eye contact with other drivers.

4.) Drive fast to avoid inconveniencing others. 

5.) Never honk at other cars.

5 things nines value:

1.) peaceful communication 

2.) comfort

3.) connection to others

4.) different perspectives 

5.) harmony



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