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Maggie Lindstrom


Finding Your Enneagram Type

The enneagram is a complex personality test that in recent years has become very popular. There are nine personality types, one through nine. Each type has distinct attributes and core fears and desires. Each number type has two wings, the number above and the number below. Everyone has a main type, but also some attributes of their wings. Most people lean on one wing more than the other, but you can have two wings.

There are lots of enneagram tests out there, but the most reputable test is by Truity. When taking the test it is important not to rush through it, but instead allow yourself time to reflect. Taking a test is a good place to start, but should not be the end of your quest to find your type. The Enneagram Institute is a great place to start research on your top types from the test. Typing yourself can be very hard and requires complete honesty with yourself.

Nines, commonly known as peacemakers, can have a hard time typing themselves because nines, twos, threes, ones and sixes tend to get confused. In addition to this confusion, the nature of nines is to ignore anything that disrupts the peace, so reflecting and acknowledging weakness can be hard. When I was typing myself, I thought I was every types at one point, but through honesty reflection I was able to type myself correctly as a nine.

The best way to figure out your type is to look at motivations. Like the name indicates, peacemakers are motivated centers around maintaining peace and harmony. Nines avoid anything that could force them to loose the peace they have worked to hard to maintain. Other types are motivated by self improvement, wanting to be loved and appreciate, and wanting to be admired. The typing process can be long, and will require deep personal reflection, but once you find your type, you can begin the journey out of the box of your type. You have to make a conscious choice to not let your number box you in but make you more aware of yourself so that you can grow.

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