Brennan Orf’s Grandmother: Westminster’s Greatest Sports Fan


April Orf

Brennan and Mrs. Beatty pose for a photo together outside his house.

Lynda Beatty, grandmother of varsity basketball star Brennan Orf’s, is one of Westminster’s greatest sports fans. She unconditionally supports and encourages Brennan and all his teammates in both of his sports.  

“We have two choices, encourage one another and lift them up to their high calling, their God given gift or bring them down. I have chosen encouragement no matter what,” said Beatty. 

Since Brennan first began playing sports, she has been on the sidelines yelling and cheering. 

“I try to encourage them after the games, send them notes, and pray for them,” said Beatty.

Her encouragement does not go unnoticed. Brennan and all the boys are very grateful. 

“It means a lot to me that she supports me so much, not just in sports, but anything I do. She will always send me encouraging things or prayers. It’s a blessing to have always had her to cheer me on because I realize maybe not everyone as someone like that in their life,” said Orf.

Sophomore basketball player, Casen Lawrence is also appreciative of her support. “She always tells us we played good no matter what. I love seeing her clapping and high fiving people during our games,” said Lawrence. 

Senior basketball player Bennie Anderson recalled Mrs. Beatty encouraging him after a game before he knew who she was. “Brennan’s grandma is the sweetest lady ever,” said Anderson.

April Orf
Mrs. Beatty is the biggest fan of all of her grandchildren: Elizabeth, Brennan, and Logan.

“I am very grateful! And it does make my heart smile,” she said after hearing how grateful Brennan and his teammates are. 

Tommy Briner, a grade school friend of Brennan, recalls the support she’s given him throughout his life. 

“She sends me texts and prayers all the time. At the end of last year, she wrote all of us (Brennan and his friends) these awesome cards that we were supposed to open monthly. Every time I had a hard day or something went super wrong I would go home and open one of those letters. Not only were the messages great, but it was also just nice to know that you had someone who cared about you enough to do that,” he said.

Grandma Lynda gives credit to everyone else who supports Westminster athletics without fail.

“A big thank you to all the parents in the stands, who come directly from work, to cheer the players on, all creating a beautiful puzzle of support, love and encouragement,” said Beatty.

Through her unwavering support, Mrs. Beatty is such a blessing to the Wildcat basketball community.