Three Sixty Rooftop Restaurant


Allison Eichenlaub

The 360 restaurant is a high scale restuarnt and provides a classy atmosphere.

Among one’s lifespan, everyone at least has the desire to dress up for a night and go out with their friends or family to feel fancy. Whether or not you want do anything about that desire is your personal choice. But, if you want to achieve that wish and have an elegant dinner with a spectacular view, Three Sixty is the place to go.
Three Sixty is a rooftop bar 26 levels above the Hilton hotel in downtown St. Louis. It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars and the average meal costs around $32. The menu has the classic bar foods with a fancy twist.

Riley Kilgore, junior, said, “I’ve been there with my family before and it made for a very special night. I also went there for a friends birthday party which was a perfect place to have it. I ordered pizza and a side of potatoes and it was delicious. I like that the food isn’t too fancy, but it hits the spot.”
The service is very fast and efficient to cater to your needs. This restaurant has a very sleek feel in the atmosphere and has minimalist decor. It is set up really neat and different than most restaurants. It allows the people to feel as if they are really fancy for a night, and who doesn’t want to feel fancy? There are many variations of ways to sit and socialize with your friends. It also has a variety of cozy booths and nooks with tables to eat at. The sunsets are spectacular and the deck provides the ultimate skybox seats overlooking into Busch Stadium.
Lexie Kratky, senior, said “I love going to rooftop because it so pretty for a dinner date with the beautiful sunset overlooking my hometown. If I want to dress up and feel glamorous, this is a perfect place for me to go.”

Many people enjoy going during baseball season to watch the Cardinals game from the top deck because you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Overall, this is an expensive, higher class restaurant but it is well worth it.