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The top 10 affordable places to shop for CB dresses:


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  1. Lulu’s: This is an online website that has hundreds of several types of dresses that fit the the needs of any girl. Not only is there many different styles to choose from, but the website shares the measurements and height of the model wearing the dresses so shoppers are able to get a better idea of how it will fit.
  2. Windsor: This is a store that is in the West County Mall and that also has a bunch of options on their website.
  3. Altr’d State: A cute, Christian store located in the West County Mall but also with options available on their website that may not be in store.
  4. Revolve: Another online option with plenty of options to choose from.
  5. Dillards: This is located at the Galleria mall and has several cute affordable dresses to choose from. There is also great deals on jewelry and shoes that would be great options to complete the outfit without the stress of shopping all over.
  6. She In: Contemporary dress styles at affordable prices, an online website.
  7. Rent the Runway: This is a website where you can rent designer brand dresses for 4 days, and when you find a dress you would like to rent, they send you 2 different sizes to ensure it fitting correctly. Prices range depending upon the brand and type of dress, and this is all online.
  8. Red Dress Boutique: A cute, affordable, online boutique.
  9. Express: A trendy store located in the West County Mall with a wide variety of dresses in store and online.
  10. JC Penny: This is department store located in the West County malls that has several dresses for low prices and many upcoming sales. With Black Friday sales, shoppers can score a cute dress for as low as 15 dollars.
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