Beyond the Beige Walls

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Everyone knows it. WCA has a third official color by the name of beige. Some might even say its our only official color, and looking around, its hard to argue its not. The walls are beige, so are the desks, the chairs, even the tables.

Looking around it seems so much at WCA is in a uniform order. We wear standardized dress. We take many of the same classes. There’s nothing special about the wildcat mascot. Our school colors are shared by countless schools. On the outside WCA might seem like a place where individuality fades away. But students are working to break that stereotype.

As a whole, we have our quirks. We throw around the phase, The Academy, like its an old football, and where would we be without APUSH?. We have nicknames for our favorite teachers such as D-Win, Doc Shaw, and our favorite, BURKE! And what would WCA be without trash cans with manuals and the Plaza. And we certainly perfected the Bromance.

We have a lot of things we as a student body share, but as students we thrive as individuals. We have many options to set ourselves apart from the next person. We have sports, where you’re primed to be the star athlete. We have the arts, where you can mold a creation and not merely re-create an  image. In theatre, you can sing and dance and act.. There are plenty of places to stake your claim in the school, and make it yours.

With standardized dress, we can look the same. There isn’t much you can do with four color options. But students have found ways to put their spin on the dress code. They wear colorful shoes, or wear a pin on their shirt. For guys, they wear cool wristbands, and funky socks.

So while it might seem like WCA is a very uniform place, there are ways inside these walls to be an individual. There are ways to leave you mark, and make yourself stand out. Whether it be on the field, or on the stage, or even sitting at that desk, we are more than just beige.

You just have to look beyond the fishbowl, beyond the mascot, and beyond walls.

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