The Impact of ’97-’13

Generation Z is one of the most unique groups of people since Baby Boomers. Who are on track to be one of the most diverse and best educated generations in history. But how do millennials and other generations need to motivate and interact with Gen Z? And how does this generation differ from those that have come before?


Gen Z’ers have had the unique experience of getting their information solely through social media platforms. Many Gen Z’ers cannot even remember a time that iPhones and Instagram were not commonplace. In addition sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are being used as news sources by Gen Z. This has been leading to an uptick in misinformed Gen Z’ers. 


Peter Adams, Senior Vice President of Education at the News Literacy Project said: “Mis- and disinformation on TikTok wasn’t as big of a problem early on, and there was a lot written about how it was an apolitical zone for jokes and recipes and dancing,” Adams continued. “But now I think we’re seeing more and more political content there and with that comes people exploiting that.”


In addition to that, Gen Z Republicas look much different than past generations. According to the Pew Research Center, “Gen Z Republicans are much more likely than older generations of Republicans to desire an increased government role in solving problems.” This new generation desires more government action than most Republicans from past generations feel comfortable with. This allows these new Republicans to hopefully be more open minded and willing to work with the government inside of issues. 


Gen Z is also living in times of a lot of uncertainty according to United Way NCA: “This generation is coming of age in a time of great economic uncertainty, with rising college costs and limited job prospects. In response, members of Gen Z are advocating for affordable education and workplace policies that promote work-life balance. They are also using their entrepreneurial spirit to start their own businesses and create their own job opportunities.” The amount of uncertainty in their future has made this generation take the reins of their own destiny. That allows this generation to have a deep entrepreneurial spirit that is rarely seen in people so young. In fact, according to Forbes, “Generation Z is 55% more likely to want to start a business than millennials.” With an urge to provide positive change in the world and an entrepreneurial spirit, nothing can stop this generation.


Sadly though not all of Generation Z’s unique traits are positive. According to the American Psychological Association, “This generation is also significantly more likely (27 percent) than other generations, including millennials (15 percent) and Gen Xers (13 percent), to report their mental health as fair or poor, the survey found.” Due to school shootings and their care for world events this can lead to inordinate stress. 


Generation Z may admittedly be more mentally ill than past generations, but their fierce need to change the world sets them up to be one of the most impactful generations.