Why Would You Hunt?

Why do you kill those deer? Why do you spend so much time in the woods? Don’t you get bored in the woods?


These are all common questions in today’s society that all have merit. Hunting is a dying art that is not commonly practiced or talked about today. Listed below are three reasons for hunting that explain why hunting can be beneficial in many ways. 


Way to connect to nature

Hunting is a way to connect to nature and the world around you. If you never went hunting, you would never get to see the squirrels play in the woods, or see the leaves fall from the trees. The intimacy with the woods and nature can only be experienced while in a tree stand. Seeing the sunrise or sunset over a cornfield or through the fall leaves can be truly breathtaking and fulfilling. You are able to connect to God’s creation on a deeper level. Scientific studies have linked multiple aspects of hunting to being happier and more fulfilled. For one, Vitamin D is obtained through the sun which can occur while in the woods. Also, there can be lots of exercise in hunting, which is also linked to a happier life. MeatEaters Mark Kenyon wrote that “time in the outdoors is leading to chemical changes in humans that reduces stress, increases focus and creativity, improves feelings of happiness, and promotes other positive health attributes.” It is proven that time in nature can alleviate stress and improve mood. Through all the time in nature, seeing a deer is a cherry on top. Being in nature releases chemical endorphins that allow people to experience a deeper level of tranquility and peace that can’t be attained elsewhere. 



 In the wild, animals face an extremely hard life. They are subjected to all the elements: the extreme cold, the extreme heat, rain, snow, etc. Most animals that die in the wild will either die to these elements, by old age, be hit by a car, or get eaten by a predator. These are all extremely painful deaths that take time and are not pretty. A lot of times the meat also goes to waste in these situations. None of it is harvested and consumed. When hunting is done correctly, the animal expires in seconds and feels very little pain compared to dying from the elements. Hunters are also able to utilize all the meat to feed their families and friends. Hunting can provide a much quicker and ethical death than nature can provide, and it also provides an opportunity for the meat to be put to good use and not go to waste. 


Ethically sourced food 

Hunting and harvesting your own food is a way to connect with your food on a deeper level. If one were to go to the grocery store, then they would pick up some meat off the shelf while not knowing where it came from. You would not know where the cow or chicken was raised, how it was harvested, or what it ate. But hunting allows you to have full transparency about where your food comes from. If you process your own meat, you see exactly where that meat went from the ground to your plate. There is no room for question whether or not the animal was shot up full of growth hormones to make them artificially fattier and better-tasting. Wild game such as deer provides more protein than beef and only about ⅙ of the fat. Consuming some of the meat that you harvested yourself can be one of the most fulfilling and healthiest things you can do.


Hunting that is something that is not nearly as prevalent in our culture as it was when our parents were growing up. Many don’t even know about the benefits it provides for the hunters, animals and community. While it’s not for everyone, think about how it can positively affect you and those around you.