Compulsory vs Voluntary

The difference between compulsory and voluntary actions in the WCA community. WCA should not disguise compulsory actions as voluntary actions.


Maddox Rosenberg

Cut it out Westminster, it’s time to stop!

There is a give and take everywhere through life. When one becomes a part of the WCA community, there are many expectations and requirements that will become very apparent. Homework, tests, and going to class, are few of the many compulsory actions here at Westminster. There are also many voluntary actions here, one being coming to Westminster in the first place. 

A compulsory action is defined as an action that is required by law or a rule; obligatory. A voluntary action is an action that is done, given, or acting of one’s own free will. 

One problem is that WCA disguises compulsory actions/requirements as voluntary. For example, senior service is a requirement for every senior. One can “volunteer” at schools, hospitals, non-profit organisations, and at Westminster. The truth is because it is compulsory, it loses most of its impact. 

Another example is chapel. It is conveyed as the WCA community coming together in worship. The community is dropping what they were doing, and coming together to worship. Chapel is non-negotiable, you cannot choose to be there or not. It is compulsory.

This does not mean that chapel is unnecessary or pointless, but that it is required. WCA needs to call it what it is. If they began to be more honest, maybe the student body would respect and understand why we do things here. For example, if instead of saying there is a dress code because we need modesty and learning in classrooms, and just say here at WCA we want to portray a level of professionalism, many students would understand and respect it more.

Finally STUCO is both compulsory and voluntary. One is not required to join STUCO, but is in a sense. Nowadays to be noticed by a college you have to be an athlete, a scholar, and a leader. Having a student council on a resume shows that a person has good time management skills. 

“Why are you really on STUCO?”

“Because it’s nice to like… lead… and to like”

“Cut the crap. Why are you on STUCO?”

“It looks good on my resume.”

This is from an anonymous STUCO Officer. So wake up Westminster and cut the crap.