The Pitfalls of Halloween

Analyzing the downsides of Halloween.


Elijah Schmidt

Halloween is mostly bad for our society.

One night of darkness, demons, and ghouls. When superstition meets reality and kids have more cavities than snot in their noses. Personally I believe that Halloween has grown to have more drawbacks than actual benefits. So what are the problematic downfalls of this spooky season?  

Most obvious to me but often overlooked by many is that this dark holiday is in some sense going against Christian Convictions. The propping up of dark spirits as a celebration. Personally I find it repulsive and downright inappropriate. Now I am not saying that Halloween is “The Devil’s Holiday”, but I am quick to be skeptical of any holiday that glorifies things as dark as demons. 

Now you may say, “But Elijah, Halloween is just a fun holiday for the kids to get candy and dress up”. And yet you would be far off. Halloween has become a time for the sexualization of mainly women and men. Just Google women halloween costumes and behold the army of hyper-sexualtion. This is not okay, women should not be overly sexualized for a holiday. I refuse to support a holiday that chooses to objectify women.

Next let us circle back to my earlier point, Halloween is a dark holiday that glorifies demons. This is obvious through the constant darkness and evil that seems to surround it. Personally I believe this can get dicey quickly, the lines between good fun and evil seem to intermingle on this one day. I just do not believe that it is wise to celebrate a holiday where the lines between good and bad are fluid. 

In addition, it is evident that over the years, kids feel during this time that it is okay to do what is normally unacceptable. It is not appropriate to name these acts off, but I will say that they are harmful to the perpetrator and the victims of these crimes. Not only that but these acts will cause damage to society as a whole. Destroying people and communities. 

Overall Halloween is detrimental to our families, friends, and loved ones and is doing more harm than good.  But at least we have an excuse to binge on candy.