There’s No Time Left, So Don’t Waste It

With the summer months approaching surprisingly fast, we do not have much time left- so make the most of it.


Emma Harris

Do something with your summer!

With school coming to it’s close, we are all left thinking one thing: summer. This is the time of year for anything to happen. Anything feels possible on a summer night, because there is nothing to do; no plans, no responsibilities (necessarily), and, most importantly, no school to think about. The summer is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and begin planning out what to do next or learn a new hobby or just simply catch up on sleep. So do not waste it! If you’re a junior this year, this is your last highschool summer. If you are a sophomore or below, this might not be your last highschool summer, but you don’t have many left, so make the most of it. This summer keep a schedule helping you not waste a moment of your time. 

There are a few ways you can ensure you won’t be wasting any of your time. The first way is planning fun but safe trips around the city to see what all Saint Louis can offer. At the beginning of summer, set a goal for yourself that, by the end of the summer, you will have accomplished. This goal could be to get out of your comfort zone once every day, learn a new language, build something like a desk or chair, or this goal could be as silly as trying to go to bed at 8 p.m. one night. Just try something new, something crazy, something that won’t waste your time. Your time is the most priceless thing in this world, so do something you can look back on. 

Not everything is going to be perfect though. Be prepared to be disappointed if something does not go as planned. This is a very common thing; plans get changed or shifted or even cancelled. But the challenge is still making the most of that time you did get. Look for the ups, because looking for the downs is like looking for the words on this piece of paper. The ups are harder and brighter, so learn front the downs and take joy in the ups. No time will be wasted if you take every second captivite with a purposeful plan. 

The next thing you can do is avoid just planning things this summer for the sake of planning. Plan with a purpose and plan with an idea in your mind. Yes, spontaneous plans are super fun. But don’t just wait for something to pop into your head, do both planned and unplanned things. Don’t just call a friend to hang out with no idea what to do, call a friend and say let’s drive 20 minutes away from your house and stop at the first gas station we see and buy the cheapest thing there. Make a plan, and don’t be surprised if they turn out different than expected, that is a part of the fun of it. 

So get some people together and set some goals and plan a wonderful summer full of everything you all need. We’ll see you all back in the fall with another issue, so tell us how your summer went then!