Are There Jobs For Artists?

We have all seen the modern art that sells for a million dollars to a museum near you. But that’s not every artist’s fate. Only a few artists get their work in museums. So what about everyone else?


Emma Smith

what kind of job can you pursue with digital artist.

Some of the most successful jobs for artists are in illustration, and graphic design. In the age of technology, technological or digital art is successful. Digital art is a wide range- it can be anything from drawing with a stylus instead of a pencil to photoshop. A good example of digital art would be animated movies, where characters are drawn out on computers.

Illustration is a great option for people who love to draw. Illustration gives more creative freedom than graphic design because it allows you to create your own characters. I’m not saying that an illustrator doesn’t have to follow the request of their client, but they can easily put their own signature twist on their art. The job of an illustrator is to take a client’s idea and transfer it into picture form. They can capture an idea while still incorporating a bit of their style. Illustration is mostly about telling a story through art. Sometimes illustrators tell their own stories and sometimes they tell their clients stories.  A career in illustration can be extremely competitive. There are a lot of different paths you can take. For example, courtroom illustrators are not often played much, but as their job is to chronicle court Proceedings it is important they have a degree. On the other hand, comic book illustrators make a lot more money, but the business is extremely competitive. While a job in illustration takes a lot of work, a successful illustrator can make a lot of money.

Graphic design is better for people who enjoy typography, which is kind of like arranging letters and print, and lettering. Unlike illustration graphic design is not about drawing, or painting. It’s About neat, organized and aesthetically pleasing images. Graphic design is often used by businesses. If you have ever seen a business logo that’s graphic design.if you have ever seen a truck with pictures on it thats graphic design. Graphic design jobs include package designer, web designer, and user interface. Package design involves designing the packages in which brands put their products. As companies will always be Packaging their products it’s a solid job with a solid pay. Web design is graphics designed to be viewed on an electronic device. It’s extremely competitive and the pay does not match the skill level it requires. User interface involves making sure that the final product of an app, website, or software is pleasing to the eye. This job has a significantly higher pay than the other jobs in graphic design, but takes a lot of work.  

Both Graphic Design and illustration give artists a wide range of job opportunities.