2020 vs 2021

what are some of the difference 2020 to 2021we can see at this point.


emma smith

2020 was a hard year, so will 2021 be better?

We went into 2020 with the same high hopes that we have for every New Year: we wanted to go in with a bang. However, Covid changed all that and 2020 ended up being, as a lot of people feel, one of the worst years in history.  So when 2021 came into view we didn’t know what to expect. If I had to pick a motto for this new year it would be “I’ll go in quietly, keep my head down, and hope for the best.”  This being an attempt to prevent something so drastically terrible as coronavirus ever happening again. However, this idea was thwarted because, as soon as the new year hit, Trump supporters stormed the capital- the exact opposite of keeping your head down. 

2020 brought something new to the whole world by bringing Covid, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. 2021 has already changed history by beginning with the storming of the capital, an unexpected event that successfully depressed America. The events of the past few years leave people wondering what will happen next. Will 2021 manage to be just as bad as 2020 or is there still hope for a fresh start?  

I say yes, there is still a chance of a fresh start. I believe these past events will have a serious lingering effect on America that’s going to take more than a year to recover from. But that doesn’t mean the year is completely ruined. At this point, I would say that the only thing that can truly make this year better is a positive outlook. We don’t have control over some of the circumstances happening around us. All we can do is decide how we’re going to react and deal with them.

In order to help 2021 be a better year, we all need to have a good attitude. we have to be prepared to not have our plans work. we need to work on being unified and having a good attitude to about whatever comes our way.

Making 2021 a better year than 2020 will take a lot of work. But it’s still possible for us to change this year for the better.