In A World Where TV Rules

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TV has become noticeably more popular as time goes on, from Netflix shows to Hulu and even television itself. The general people are known to cling back to their comfort show than to sit down and watch a full movie. Why is this people might wonder? Humans are known, romantics. The reason Netflix has many people’s hearts is because of the investment of time a show can put into their characters. Movies, whether they like it or not, have to rush to develop a character which leads viewers jumping to conclusions about how each character acts. This also causes movie sequels to feel repetitive because people feel like they already know the characters.

The reason Netflix has 130 million subscribers is because of the human need to be invested heart and soul in the lives of other humans even if they are on a screen. Characters touch people and a plot leaves them wanting more. “Friends” for example is still a popular show today which has two different generations watching it. Why do people go back to old shows more than old movies? The truth is simple, it takes them back. People can feel as they did when they first watched the show. If it’s background noise or just entertainment to relax to people always go back to tv. A fan named Erika told Today, “it’s like a hug.” something many people can relate to for their go to show.

Movie characters fade from people’s minds and sometimes come back every once in a while. For example, the “Star Wars” movies are clearly loved by many however, it is also clear that a significant amount of time passes before people decide to pull the dusty movie off the shelf again. The time invested in a movie as opposed to a TV show is sadly not enough to keep us coming back.

Netflix has an amazing skill to keep people coming back because of their wide variety of movies and TV shows. 70 percent of Netflix viewing is tv shows. Amazon Prime and Hulu as well have over half of their viewings contributed to shows according to Quartz. Even the out of games, movies, and social media, TV shows are still the winner with 40 percent easily taking the majority. It is safe to say where humans invest their time. Television rules.

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