5 Reasons Why a Jailbroken iPhone is the Way to Go

  1. Customizing the home screen: Once you jailbreak your phone, you can have access to thousands of custom theme for your phone, from classic modern colors to retro designs, you can fully make your phone your own. You can also modify the battery icon to anything you can imagine or change the wifi status to a little dog,
  1. Full Dark Mode to the entire phone: This one may seem simple, but it super helpful at night. When you are up texting at midnight and that white is blinding your eyes, your phone will be night black with blue lettering which won’t give you headaches at night.
  1. Modifying the control center with any apps: Along with removing the useless buttons like airplane mode, you can add hundreds of different toggles for apps and change the theme to whatever you want!
  1. Designing the lock screen: On the lock screen, you can change the clock or even add widgets to your lockscreen with the weather or even the traffic on the route to school without even opening the Maps app.
  1. Remove the annoying parts of the iOS software: Finally, you can remove or even rename applications, you can also take out the volume popup that blocks the entire YouTube video.