Gun Free Zones Don’t Make Crime Free Zones

Gun Free Zones Don’t Make Crime Free Zones

People seem to believe criminals will follow the law, but the law only applies to those willing to follow them. Across America, every mass shooting has occurred in a gun-free zone where carrying citizens could not stop the attack with their own weapon and criminals use this to their advantage. For example in the Dark Knight Rises movie shooting in Colorado, the shooter, James Holmes, specifically chose that theater because they banned guns based on reports from his personal diary.

Gun-free zones are premised on a single lie: that murderers will follow rules, and that honest, law abiding citizens are a greater danger to those around them than crazed killers. The notion that more guns means more crime could not be farther from the truth.

Gun abolitionists believe that guns kill people, but people kill people. Fewer people with guns would increase the amount of crimes, as guns can be a huge deterrent to criminals.

The best thing school administrators can do to protect their students is to vigorously train in gun safety, and start allowing faculty members and staff to carry concealed firearms. The possibility of confronting an armed gym teacher or secretary would dissuade many a would-be mass murderer.

Even the National Rifle Association speaks on how gun control would not help decrease crime. “The impact that gun control itself will have on reducing gun violence has not been clearly proven.”

Some people may say to hide in case of an intruder at a school and wait for the police to show up with a gun, but that can take up to 10 minutes for the police just to arrive. It would be much safer and save many more lives if multiple people on campus had a firearm to immediately stop the attacker.

While some American citizens want to restrict gun control everywhere, it would inevitably make the country less safe.