The Top Five Best Coffee Shops Besides Starbucks

  1. Kaldi’s Coffee Shop– Kaldi’s Coffee, whose flagship location is located in Clayton is a staple in St. Louis. It’s welcoming atmosphere that attracts students, young and old professionals, and longtime residents combined with it’s sustainably roasted coffee and vegan/vegetarian pastries that make Kaldi’s special.  
  2. Comet Coffee– At Comet Coffee, located in Dogtown, coffee is an experience. Each cup is individually brewed for the customer and with the shop boasting more unique and rare roasts than any shop near it, it is nearly impossible to pass up a trip to this shop.
  3. Sump Coffee– Sump coffee is a serious coffee enthusiast’s dream. Located in South City, Sump Coffee roasts their own coffee and has a heavy focus on beverages. Sump Coffee is not a pastry shop that sells some coffee on the side. They only offer two types of pastries and focus on delivering the best beverages to the St. Louis area.   
  4. Northwest Coffee Roasting Company– Northwest coffee house the only Seattle- style coffee house in St. Louis. They roast their own coffee that has been described as “full-bodied and bright with moderate acidity” by the riverfront times. But their coffee is only part of the package. Their locations in Clayton and the central west end resemble an outside garage which make it a fun atmosphere.   
  5. The Mud House– Offering both fresh pastries and exotic coffee at their Cherokee Street location, The Mud House is the perfect place to meet for brunch or just grab a morning treat. The Mud House is a multi-roaster shop so they offer roasts from many other roasters besides themselves to ensure that their customers can find a coffee they enjoy.